Bob’s Journey…


Throughout all this time there was not much my family could do to help except to be there but they were important. It would have been too hard without them. I owe a debt of gratitude to my wife for staying with me during these difficult years. I am thankful to my children as well. They helped more than they realized. The next two poems refer to my wife; the third, to my children.


Once an eagle loved a dove
They flew together
The skies above.
The eagle and the dove,
  she soft beneath his wing.
All they ever knew was love.

He would shriek his wildest cry.
She would sing her softest song.
The wind would carry the along.

  “Together we have been.
  Together we now are.
  Together we will always be.”

One an eagle loved a dove,
Pledged to roam forever
The skies above.

But they knew not
  how loveless
  empty skies could be.
Until, with broken wings,
  they plummeted down,
  flailing and cawing through
The skies above.

Not shattered by the fall,
  they picked themselves up,
  learned to walk again.
Until they lifted off,
  searching in different directions
The skies above.


She transcends the moment and the feeling,
  goes beyond what now is felt.
That’s why I write these words for her,
  although the warmth has left.

She’s more than passing sunlight,
  she’s the earth beneath my feet.
And even when I long to fly,
  It’s still the earth that holds the sky.


  I am thankful
For the three already here
Whose need stretches out to me,
  I die quietly.

That they might not be forsaken
Left alone to the wind and the wolves,
  I die quietly.
  I am thankful

For myself and God and all their happy smiles to come,
That no shadows linger on,
  I live quietly.
  I am thankful

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