Bob’s Journey…


For a while remembering feelings of sadness over the loss of light within seemed better than not feeling anything at all.


I came to life in the sunlight of your love,
My heart was full
and embraced the dance of life,

Now you have gone
And I have the memory
  of the sunlight that dwelt beside me
And the knowledge
  of living in the darkness
  of its shadow.


Why do I die
  and why do I live?
Why have you left me,
  and why did you give,
The sunlight of yellow
  that ended the dawn,
And the nightmare that followed
  after you’d gone?

So, why did you brighten
  my colors of gray?
And why did you come
  if it wasn’t to stay?

But why else was I made
  if not for your coming’
And why else should I die
  if not for your going?


What is there but to suffer,
  to draw every muscle tight?
What is there but, having soared to fall,
  to feel life slip quietly out of sight?

What is there but to remember,
  the fulfilment so joyous and complete?
What is there but to yearn
  for its now impossible return?

What is there but to forget,
  to be freed from gnawing pain?
What is there but to regret
  that memory fading can’t be there again?

What is there but to suffer
  aboard this earthly train?
What is there but to long
  to be born in fire and joy again?

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