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The Problem = Guilt + Fear

Your false world of illusions is held in place by a mental glue consisting of guilt and fear. Guilt refers to your belief that you are not good enough. This is categorically untrue but you believe it anyway. Since this belief is quite painful, you generally want to keep it out of your consciousness. So, you repress it.
This is a problem because the Holy Spirit cannot heal it until you raise it up into your conscious mind. You are understandably afraid to do this because you think its true. Your first step is to realize intellectually that it isn’t true. Reading A Course in Miracles will help immensely in this regard. This will prepare you to confront the problem but never do this without asking the Holy Spirit (and Jesus if you wish) to be with you while you move through your fear and call out the guilt that needs to be removed. Remember, both Jesus and the Holy Spirit know your guilt is not true. If this were a legal action, they would be your lawyers proclaiming your innocence. If there are other people in your life that see you as guilty, you could imagine them as being there to accuse you. Each time they do, you just point to your lawyers and say, “Tell them all about it.” There is no need for you to be concerned about it at all. If they want to tell the Holy Spirit and Jesus how wrong they are, so be it. Not your problem.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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