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Spiritual Vision Sees Through the Unreal World

What unreal world are we referring to? That would be the one you make up in your mind consisting of all your views of politics and power, of society and sabotage that play out on the world’s stage. All of them make up the world for you. The same is true for every one else.
Since they are all different, one may ask what is the one true view that shows what the world really is. The answer is that there isn’t one. The world has no meaning of its own. It only has the meaning you give it. There is no world apart from that. So, is there nothing towards which a government or society can aim? There is, and in A Course in Miracles it is called the real world which is the world seen through the eyes of complete forgiveness but not forgiveness as the world currently understands it. It is forgiveness that looks not on what the body has done or what the mind has thought but on the fact that the soul is eternally innocent. By starting with this truth, it can correct (through the action of the Holy Spirit) the mind’s view that anything else mattered. This can be done individually but to do so on a larger scale would require the careful cultivation of the ability to separate the true from the false. Those interested in power and control will use deception to obtain their goals. Knowing how to see through that would be important. That may not be possible until an overall raise in the level of consciousness occurs.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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