Text of A Course in Miracles

The 20th century words of Jesus in a new edition of ACIM.



When I first read the Text of ACIM, I realized that I was learning much of what was being taught in ACIM, but I was not remembering the exact wording that was used, and in many cases the wording mattered a lot. Many of the statements in ACIM not only convey truth, they do it very powerfully because of the way they are worded. For example, consider the following quote.


Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven…But seek this only because you can find nothing else. There is nothing else. (T-7.IV.3)

It tells us to seek heaven instead of the world and that the world is not real. This is nothing new. But it is the way that it is said that makes such an impression. It is hoped that the arrangement presented in this book will help you be struck more often by these powerful statements when you are turning through it and reading whatever parts grab your attention.

The words of Jesus that came through Helen Schuckman in the latter part of the 20th century are generically known as A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Various portions of these words have been published at different times and are referred to as different editions of ACIM. For many years only the 1st and 2nd editions published by the Foundation of Inner Peace (FIP) were available but then lengthier, more complete editions were published, for example, The Original Edition published by the Course in Miracles Society. The Urtext Edition published by Miracles in Action Press in 2009 and The Complete & Annotated Edition published by The Circle of Atonement in 2017. The text in the latter is about 40% longer (by page numbers) than the Text in the FIP editions.

Now a shorter edition is available. It came about because some parts of the Text of ACIM are much more substantive than others. Although their selection would not be unanimous among those who read and study ACIM, there will be considerable agreement on which should be selected. Only such parts are included in each section of each chapter in this shorter edition. From these, those that are particularly inspiring are indented and highlighted. The headings for the sections are the same as those in the more common FIP editions. Nothing new is added. The result is this condensed and highlighted edition which is only about 30% as long as the FIP editions.