A Practicle Guide to A Course in Miracles

(A Series of 3 Books)

This is a 3 volume, dummies inspired companion for the Text of ACIM. It is easy to read and it makes sense. Without it, or something comparable, reading the Text of ACIM tends to be very difficult. You need to have some kind of help. These can supply all the help you need.


So many people who became interested in ACIM started reading the Text of ACIM and became quite discouraged after a while. It was too hard to read; so, they quit trying. There are many other books that are hard to read, and the publishing of Dummies books was the solution for many of them. I had been teaching the Text of ACIM to small classes for several years and had notes and collections of quotes available as handouts for each of the 31 chapters of the Text. My wife suggested that I turn them into a book because material from ACIM was no longer under copyright protection. However, I had never written a book before and had no desire to change that. Then, Tamara Penn, a friend from one of my groups, began to encourage me to write such a book and agreed to help me get it done. She became my editor and working together we produced a 3-volume companion to the Text in which the practical aspects of ACIM were emphasized.

The whole point in A Practical Guide to ACIM is to make it easier to read the Text of ACIM. The Text is the first half (or so) of ACIM. It is spiritual information from Jesus that Helen Schuckman heard in her mind (as an inner dictation). A Practical Guide to ACIM is inspired by the well-known dummies books and is characterized by big headings and small paragraphs to explain each group of quotes from ACIM that is included. It also uses icons (like the KEY IDEA icon) to earmark quotes of interest. A true miracle story is given at the end of each chapter.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III