Of Miracles and Threads of Time

There is nothing to worry about.


What is going to happen at the physical level has already occurred in a previous era which ACIM calls the tiny tick of time.  No matter how hard you work, you can’t change what has already happened.  If this is true, it may sound like there is no hope for you to escape oncoming disasters.  However, this is not the whole story.  It’s true that you can’t change what’s going to occur but Jesus can, and must, if you will do your part.  Your part is asking for a miracle and accepting the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Of course, it may seem trite to say this; doesn’t everyone know that the last ditch defense is prayer?  Pray and then hope it works.  However, in the description given in this book, hope is irrelevant.  Your part sets into motion something that necessarily will make changes in your future experiences, and they will always be in your best interest.  It allows Jesus to change what happened in that bygone era, and that change will then be transferred into your current experience.    How and why this is so is outlined clearly in this book in a way that will show its consistency with the teachings of ACIM on this subject.

This is a pocket book (size 4 in x 6.9 in) and is small enough  to fit into a coat pocket or a purse.

Testimonial for OMATOT

Norm read a preview of the book and said that his understanding of the Course was changed.
Doug saw an illustration in it and heard me describing what it was about and said he wanted to buy a copy when it became available.  He thought that ACIM students would find it especially interesting.