The Little Monkey Rascals; Andrew and his Attitude

(A Children’s Book)


You can’t read ACIM to little children. It wouldn’t mean anything to them. But they can learn what is one of its most basic teachings. It’s called “Choosing Again.” For an adult reader it means to choose to listen to the Holy Spirit instead of the ego. Only these two voices are in your mind.

For a child it can be simplified to this: When you feel all messed up (sad, angry, afraid, jealous or embarrassed), remember, only you can put a feeling or a thought into your mind. No one can control what you think or how you feel. That’s your decision, not theirs. You have the power to choose peace and happiness. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you do so. Then, just do it.

This book will help you get this idea across to kids of ages 4 through 12. It’s a fiction story about monkeys doing just that.