The Union of The Law of One and A Course in Miracles

This book shows how a bridge of thought can be constructed…


Two books, “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) and “The Law of One” (TLO1), give first hand accounts of truth from the infinite beyond. They are two of the most impressive channeled, spiritual thought systems I know of that deal with the question of the fall as a decision made by someone rather than as a gradual descent unfolding in space and time. ACIM contains the words of Jesus; TLO1, the words of Ra. Ra is a collective mind of non-physical beings who had physical bodies long ago on Venus. The recent act of Congress (the covid relief bill) says the CIA must make public all the information it has on UFOs in the next six months. In my opinion this means that we are being visited by extraterrestrials (as most people already believe), and it suggests that they may be getting ready to make this obvious to everyone sooner (six months?) rather than later. Even if this doesn’t occur, it would be useful to know what they believe spiritually. If TLO1 is any indicator, their views of spiritual truth and ours are very different. Consider ACIM and TLO1 for example. Although there are many parallels between them, they are still so different that they seem inconsistent. This book shows how a bridge of thought can be constructed between them. It is natural and unforced. If you adopt this bridge into your spiritual outlook, ACIM and TLO1 will be connected and therefore not inconsistent.

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