A Basic Guide to Miracles

Fear is not necessary. It’s a choice.



When I came upon a friend who was burdened internally, floundering and asking for help, I wanted to have something that would point the way towards the removal of burdens. It needed to come right to the point without getting sidetracked in peripheral matters. The first step is letting go of worldly attachments. After that, all remaining internal burdens reduce to fear and guilt. Therefore, salvation in this life for this person would be the removal of all fear and guilt. ACIM says a lot about this. My task was to streamline the teachings of ACIM, keeping only those that apply directly to this purpose so the book would be no longer than necessary. I wanted to call attention to similarities that exist between some of these teachings and certain teachings in the Bible so that those for whom religion is important will find it easier to incorporate miracles into their lives. Miracles are not intended to replace religion but to augment it.

You don’t have to believe in miracles to get one, or as many as you wish. It’s not about belief but willingness to receive. If you want miracles in your life, this is the book for you. Its insights are based on the teachings of ACIM. Miracles come from God but through your mind. Certain changes in what you currently believe may be necessary for you to learn how to accept miracles because you deserve not what you want but what God wants for you (which is way better). However, similarities between such new beliefs and certain Biblical teachings, which are more familiar, are noted when appropriate. ACIM teaches that involves God’s Will for you. It is taught in ACIM that you can always know what it is. Quoting directly from Chapter 9 of ACIM, God’s Will for you is perfect happiness now. Perfect happiness does not mean elusive happiness that comes and goes but happiness that endures. God’s Will is that you have it now, and what He wills must be possible.