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Only Perception is Wrong

Of all that you might think is wrong with you, none of it is – except your perception. It is universal. Every one’s perception needs to be corrected. When you see an object, it is not only the physical characteristics that are sent to the brain. A host of interpretations, values and possible reactions go with it, and they are what needs to be corrected.
Salvation can be thought of as changing your uncorrected perception into what “A Course in Miracles” calls vision, Anytime you are upset by something you see, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see it as he does. His response will never be that He is afraid of whatever you are seeing. If you do this, you will soon discover that there is nothing to fear. You may regard this as not a correct inference because the Holy Spirit is not a body. Well, you’re not either but you are “wired into” your body and need some tactical help in navigating what seems like threatening situations. Your mind is pulling the threatening situation to you as surely as if there were a bunch of cables connecting it to you and being reeled in. So the first thing the Holy Spirit needs to do is to get whatever fear you have sent into your brain out of your brain. Reading the Course will help in that regard. That is one of its purposes. Calling on the Holy Spirit often will also help. Once you can perceive the situation without fear (at least for a moment), the Holy Spirit can do His part and change what seemed like a threat into an ordinary situation.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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