Bob’s Journey…


I knew this friendship could not continue indefinitely for my friend would shortly be going away, and the world had no niche into which such a relationship could fit. In addition its intensity was making it hard for me to focus on other important matters when we were not able to get together for our usual meeting. She had her own life to live. I had no hard feelings about that. However, I could not allow anything to interfere with my work or my family, and I knew it would only get worse as she would soon move away to work elsewhere. A little over a year into the friendship I decided to end it. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt it had to be done, and it would have to be done swiftly, abruptly and completely. Otherwise, I would not be able to make it last. I would have been unable to resist being pulled back into it. It was that strong. However, I was very self-centered and just automatically assumed her experience was the same as mine and that she would understand fully the need to do this. With hindsight I don’t think she did.

If regrets meant anything (which they don’t), I would regret not knowing this.


I feel the bands that stretch from you to me,
  they are the meaning of my life.
With them I touch your soul and you touch mine,
  they transform everything that’s me.

The intensity of joining is too strong,
  the bands between us tighten every day.
You have your path and I have mine,
  soon you must go and I will stay.

I can not gently pull away from you,
  although I would wish for that to be.
The bands just stretch and gather strength,
  and then once again you’re close to me.

Broken thy must be,
  these bands between you and me.
Look not to right or left,
  just lift high the heavy blade.

Now let it fall on that which is the both of us,
  with a burst we are broken,
  like a beam split in two.

A crash – and we fly apart,
  like shattered glass,
  or a shredded heart.

Pieces of glass
  scattered about,
  lost in the grass.

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