Bob’s Journey…


The emotional bond in this totally spontaneous friendship became very strong and fulfilling. The results were unexpected. I began to experience positive, oceanic-like feelings of happiness as we talked, and for several hours afterwards. Once a warm wave of energy began to move through my body just before going to sleep. It started at my feet and moved up through my body, leaving it through the top of my head. It was an internal warmth. I had never experienced anything like that before, and didn=t know what it was. It felt like pure love, a beam of love, and its effect was to fill the mind with complete peace and contentment. After a few moments I felt another wave of energy moving through just like the one before it. After that there was another wave. I don=t recall if there was a fourth one. I thought of it as coming from the heart of life itself which I assumed was grounded in the world. It never occurred to me that this energy might be coming from beyond the world because I believed the world was the only thing there was.


I thought I had touched
  the heart of life Itself
and found therein
  a joy undreamed.

With every breath
  its warmth I drank,
A radiant glowing
  of its living Self.

A warmth beyond all thought and touch or written word,
  that left no longing unfulfilled, no yearning still alive.
So encompassing,
  that of all that is, or was or in imagination dreamed,
  I desired it not.

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