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How Committed Are You?

To receive all the benefits mentioned in A Course in Miracles (and there are many), you must commit yourself to applying what it says about your life to your life. Otherwise, you are just playing a game, and A Course in Miracles is not a game. It is a description of what is real and what is not.
Focusing on what is real will take you home. Nothing else will. That’s the same as focusing on what is true/ A Course in Miracles says that only the truth is true. I originally thought this was absurd, a redundancy (saying the same thing twice) – until I realized that the whole world ad we know it is not true! Our substitute for truth is not good enough. Then the Course says that the world is not left by death but by truth. And there you are. Do you want to leave the world? If so, you must commit yourself to truth. A commitment is needed.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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