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Does God Want You Back?

Jesus teaches us in A Course in Miracles that we abandoned God and decided to have temporary experiences on earth instead of eternal life in heaven. God did not eject us from the Garden of Eden. There was a tempter in the garden who misled us into believing it was a great idea. So,we left.
God did not want us to leave but let us decide what we wanted. He did not interfere then and does not do so now except in the case of miracles, and for them to occur one must ask for them. That is what gives God permission to intervene but it’s done in such a way that those who have not asked will not be frightened or feel coerced into believing. This reticence on God’s part doesn’t mean He doesn’t want us back, only that He respects our decisions more than we would probably expect. He is gently calling continuously for you to return.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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