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Choosing Fear

It is your beliefs that bring fear upon you, seemingly uninvited. There are four basic beliefs that support fear.
1. Belief you have created yourself (through the choices you have made).
2. Belief in self-reliance (instead of relying on God).
3. Belief in duty and conflicted purpose.
4. Belief in the reality of the world.
Changing these is a big order. The first is easiest. You did not create youself. God did. He created you as a perfect and eternal soul (or spirit of light). You have a mind and a body but that’s not what you are. While you are here, your mind is being healed of its false beliefs, and the body is the learning device of the mind. You do not have to add on anything or prove anything. The second and third require practice. For the second one, start asking for miracles for everything but learn what miracles are in this Course. For the third, replace duty by following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For the fourth, stop giving your energy to the belief in the reality of the world and its issues. For example, never take sides in the arguments about the world and what is best for it. IT IS NOT REAL.
In “A Course in Miracles” Jesus says that he will help you do this. These beliefs can be changed but here is no timetable. You will have as long as you need (even if that includes more space-time experiences after your body expires).

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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