Miracle Moments

Special Relationships

The spiritual path in A Course in Miracles is a path through relationships. The first thing to learn is that there are two kinds of relationships. Special relationships are one kind.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

This metaphorical tree represents the ability to make a new self for yourself through the kinds of choices you make between the illusions of good and evil.


Disasters can seem to occur in the external world, in our internal world or in both. A Course in Miracles says none of them are real.

Pleasure and Pain

The Holy Spirit sees pleasure and pain in the same way.

Your Time of Release

You have already chosen your time of release from all limitations. It may or may not be in this lifetime but it is the right choice.

Your Right to be Free

In the Garden of Eden God gave us the right to be free and will not override the effects of the decisions we have made (even those we don’t remember making).

World is being Undone

Learn how to do your part in the undoing of the world of false perception.

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