Miracle Moments

Undoing in the Tiny Tick of Time

In A Course in Miracles time is already over. The whole span of time from beginning to end is called the tiny tick of time (although to us it’s not tiny).

True or False

In A Course in Miracles Jesus says that his “role is to separate the true from the false so truth can break through the barriers the ego has set up and shine into your mind.”

The Problem = Guilt + Fear

Your false world of illusions is held in place by a mental glue consisting of guilt and fear. Guilt refers to your belief that you are not good enough.

No Preference

I voted in the presidential election last week. I keep up with current affairs and vote for whoever appears to be best for the country but I do not assume…

The Ladder to Eternity

The Ladder represents your current framework of thought. Is it laying flat on the ground of the world or does it slant upwards so you can climb upwards toward eternity?

Does God Want You Back?

Jesus teaches us in A Course in Miracles that we abandoned God and decided to have temporary experiences on earth instead of eternal life in heaven.

The World of Disasters is not Real

Many things happen in the world that seem like disasters, for example, an avalanche kills several people and injures many others.

How to Respond to Attacks

When you are attacked verbally, you may be able to deflect the negative energy away. Do this if you can but do it without attacking the other person or his position.

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