Miracle Moments

Free Will

What you think of as your free will is the will of the ego and is not your true will because you do not actually want what the ego has to offer.


When you have a preference about which of two competing forces will prevail, you are giving power in your mind to the world (or your belief in it).

Sacrifice is Not Love

The world believes that sacrifice is love. A Course in Miracles says that it isn’t. Sacrifice says that one must loose that another can gain.

The Ego

Your ego is the source of all the thoughts that come into your mind except those that come from God (through the Holy Spirit).


You chose to come to the world. To return to heaven you must be willing to leave the world. That can’t occur if you are attached to it.

Threads of Time and Thought

Time is trick. The default setting is time as consensus reality understands it. But it’s affected by our thoughts.

Carpet of Time

The flow of time can be thought of as generating a carpet of history and experiences. It has a beginning and an end.

Fear and Prejudice

Fear is in your mind whenever it is not in a state of total peace. Fear refers to any concern you might have for your safety or well being.

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