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Acceptance and Love

The key to love is acceptance of he other people as they are, no matter how negative they are, without any desire to change them. What you are accepting is them, not their behavior or their words. When they say or do something you agree with, join with them. Say “yes” or “good” or something similar.
When it’s something you don’t agree with, say, “go on” or “what else.” Never say they are wrong. If you feel your hold on truth (as you see it) is threatened, the make a positive statement of what you believe without any implication that anyone else needs to agree with you. Just state your truth without claiming that it is universal truth or such. You have a right to your views, and others have a right to theirs. Respect the other as he is and remember he is part of you, not at the physical level but at the spiritual level.

Everything said in this video is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

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