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You don’t have to believe in miracles to get one, or as many as you wish. It’s not belief but intent and willingness to receive. If you want miracles in your life, then my series of books are for you. The purpose of these books is to provide a guide for you to learn what God’s will is for your life and how to learn how to put them in your life. In order to accomplish this, we bring together scripture, theology, A Course in Miracles teachings, and science to bring you to a greater understanding of your life’s purpose and how your can obtain all God has for you today.

Robert W. Childers, Ph.D.

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Bob discovered the book, “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) in 1988, and he knew his searching for peace was over. Parts of the book were difficult to understand, and in 1990 he began leading small groups in the studying of ACIM. In 1998 he met Mary Lynn Campbell. They were married in 1999. He retired in 2003. For the last fourteen years, he has given a talk on ACIM once a week at the Oasis Institute of Knoxville, TN. Based on the outlines he had been distributing in his groups, he wrote three companion volumes to the Text of ACIM, entitled, A Practical Guide to ACIM, Volumes I, II, and III.

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A Practicle Guide to A Course in Miracles

(A Series of 3 Books)

A Basic Guide to Miracles

“The first step is letting go of worldly attachments”.

Of Miracles and Threads of Time

“There is nothing to worry about”.

Text of A Course in Miracles

The 20th century words of Jesus…


Audrey came over to Joyce’s house...She told Joyce that she had started reading “A Basic Guide to Miracles” and just couldn’t put it down. She stayed up all night reading it. The next morning, she said felt like she’d been born again.

- Joyce Railey


I gave a copy of “A Basic Guide to Miracles” to my uncle whose wife had just died from cancer. The next time we talked, referring to an example that discusses cancer and miracles, he commented the book got it just right.

- Sandy Glazier


Bob Childers has an exceptional talent for communicating abstract concepts using diagrams, outlines, illustrations, metaphors, stories and humor.

- Susan Miller & Steven Anthony